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I am looking for a intelligent man with a funny sense of humor, a friend and, possible, a life time partner. "God determines who walks into your's up to you to decide who you let walk away, who you let stay, and who you refuse to let go." If you want to know anything else ask.


弊社スタッフのLyudmilaのご友人です。 日本の企業にお勤めのOLです。日本語は全く問題ありません。

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No. 3070
Date of Birth(生年月日) 12.12.1972 (44歳)
Nationality(国籍) Russia (ロシア)
City(居住都市) Shizuoka (静岡県)
Marital status(婚姻暦) Divorced
Final Education(最終学歴) University
Child(子供の有無) None
Height(身長) 171cm
Weight(体重) 61kg
Hair Color(髪の色) Light Brown
Eyes Color(眼の色) Brown
Foreign Languages(外国語:レベル) English:Fluent, Japanese:Fluent
Occupation(職業) company worker
Religion(宗教) Orthodox
Alcohol (飲酒) Social
Smoking(喫煙) No
Sports(スポーツ) so-so
Hobbies(趣味) reading
My Character(性格) Where to begin... Born and grew up in Russia. I like to think of myself as an open minded, passionate, friendly, down to earth person who likes to learn from my surroundings. I try to live my life with meaning by putting passion into everything that I do and enjoy the little things in life. I am pretty outgoing and love good conversations and genuine, down to earth people! I am not one that fancies conflicts so I am pretty laid back and easy to get along with. I love learning - whether it be one's culture, historical facts, or simply about someone's adventures or experiences in life. Oh, and I also love to laugh and make people laugh. I also love dogs, travelling, movies, books, cooking and eating delicious food.
More info(PCやSkype等) その他、ブログもご覧下さい。

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