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What kind of man would you like to meet ? : I would like to meet a kind man. Who respects women. Maybe who has his own child. This man is a gentlemen, not rude. Who has different interests in his life. ①Readiness to live in Japan : Yes, I am ready to live in Japan ②Do you want a child(children) in your family? : I want to have children ③Do you have international passport? : Yes, I have ④Work in Japan : Now I am working in Russia but I want to work in Japan as a translator or a teacher. ⑤Something you know about Japan : Yes, I know much about Japan. I respect culture of this country. I always try to read about this country. I visited Japan in October 2013 year. It was new experience for me. I saw Tokyo and Sapporo. Now I work with Japanese language every day because my company has a Japanese partner. Every day I learn something new about this country. I think that Japan is a very unique country because it’s an economical giant with very strong cultural traditions.


My Character : I am positive person who respects other people. I don’t like conflicts. I like to listen to another people. My opinion is sometimes we need to talk with someone and say about problems. I value every person who I met in my life. ※Supposed period for Marriage : After 1 year ※Time zone of possible communications : Moscow +2 hours


Yulia-san is a kind of girl who likes the life as it is, who wants to enjoy its everyday stream. Mentally she is able to try many things. Yulia-san would like to meet a man whom she will be able to respect for his way of living, thinking, his achievements.

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No. 3221
お名前 / Name ログイン後表示されます
国籍 / Nationality ロシア / Russia
居住都市 / City チェリャビンスク / Chelyabinsk
生年月日 / Date of Birth 14.12.1987 (32歳)
身長 / Height 163cm
体重 / Weight 45kg
髪の色 / Hair Color Brown
眼の色 / Eyes Color Blue
最終学歴 / Final Education High education, university
職業 / Occupation I work as a translator in a Russian company. I also teach Japanese and English language after my job.
外国語:レベル / Foreign Languages English:Intermediate, Japanese:Intermediate, Spanish:Beginner
婚姻暦 / Marital status Single, Never been married
子供の有無 / Children None
飲酒 / Alcohol Social
喫煙 / Smoking No
宗教 / Religion Christian
スポーツ / Sports I like sports. Especially I like running. Russian people don’t like golf but I think that it’s very interesting kind of sports.
趣味 / Hobbies I like reading books, especially historical books. When I have a free time I like learning foreign languages, for example Spanish. I like cooking different meals.
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