No.3313 [ウクライナ ハルキウ]

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My profiles are...

No. 3313
Date of Birth(生年月日) 31.01.1978 (38歳)
Nationality(国籍) Ukraine (ウクライナ)
City(居住都市) Kharkov (ハルキウ)
Marital status(婚姻暦) Single, Never been married
Final Education(最終学歴) university
Child(子供の有無) 1 - daughter(Born in 2008)
Height(身長) 176cm
Weight(体重) 64kg
Hair Color(髪の色) Brown
Eyes Color(眼の色) Blue
Foreign Languages(外国語:レベル) English:Good
Occupation(職業) economist
Religion(宗教) Christian
Alcohol (飲酒) Social
Smoking(喫煙) No
My Character(性格) About myself: Hello everyone! My name is Irina and I am active, cheerful, open, honest, kind lady. I have good sense of humor and like cleaver people, good books and travelling. I consider myself to be well-educated and will be happy to meet also well-educated man, with whom I will be able to talk and find common interests. I am not calculating in relations. I love cooking for my relatives and friends. I’m interested in economical news not only in my country but around the world. So I am curious and wish to keep widen my outlook every time! Music, nature and sport help me to relax and balance my emotions and feelings.
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