No.3347 [ウクライナ]

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Please describe how you see your Ideal Partner: What do I expect from you? Just be yourself don't hide under the mask, I need real feelings, make my blood boil and make my imagination explode!

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No. 3347
Date of Birth(生年月日) 01.08.1990 (26歳)
Nationality(国籍) Ukraine (ウクライナ)
City(居住都市) Rivne ()
Marital status(婚姻暦) Single, Never been married
Final Education(最終学歴)
Child(子供の有無) None
Height(身長) 166cm
Weight(体重) 50kg
Hair Color(髪の色) Brown
Eyes Color(眼の色) Brown
Foreign Languages(外国語:レベル) English, Italian
Occupation(職業) self employed
Religion(宗教) Christian
Alcohol (飲酒) Social
Smoking(喫煙) No
My Character(性格) Your character: I am rather active young lady! I am very hospitable and I like to meet guests. I think this is a part of the Slovenian soul :D I would like also to see you as my guest one day, so are you ready for a trip to my heart????? Highlights: I am rather friendly, like to meet with new people. I deal with the cosmetics and modeling business ? take parts in the competitions. If I have an aim I try to achieve it, no matter what happens! Why are you here?: I like my life and I come here to change my life not completely, because I just want to find something that I miss very much. That is LOVE! This is one of the feelings which I value the most in the world!

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