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Your character: How can I describe myself with words? You understand me you must feel me, look at least once in my eyes.. I am a girl who became mature very early, too early probably. But I know the value of life and relations more than my age-mates. That’s why I can combine the beauty of my youth and the wisdom, that is a strong combination, do not you think so?.. I am very caring, warm-hearted and kind. I am of those women who like family comfort over everything, who thinks about dear people first and then herself. I am not egoistic but committed. I think I am a strong woman and no matter what happens I keep being tender, beautiful and passionate. For you! I am a sporty girl and enjoy sports games most of all, football was my passion! My favorite color is red and real chocolate tastes better then paradise on my lips! I like to discover new things, my world is bigger than my city, my love is stronger than thunderstorm! It does not kill but gives fresh breathe!

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No. 3747
お名前 / Name ログイン後表示されます
国籍 / Nationality ウクライナ / Ukraine
居住都市 / City /
生年月日 / Date of Birth 08.06.1988 (32歳)
身長 / Height 165cm
体重 / Weight 58kg
髪の色 / Hair Color Brown
眼の色 / Eyes Color Brown
最終学歴 / Final Education high education
職業 / Occupation Expert in marketing
外国語:レベル / Foreign Languages English
婚姻暦 / Marital status Divorced
子供の有無 / Children Yes 1
飲酒 / Alcohol Social
喫煙 / Smoking No
宗教 / Religion Orthodox
スポーツ / Sports
趣味 / Hobbies I like cooking, doing things around the house (especially plant flowers!), as well as make complicated economic quizzes (I have higher education).


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