No.4198 [ウクライナ ポルタヴァ]

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Ideal Match : Nobody actually knows what an ideal partner should be like. I think it will be a call of my heart when I meet you here. But I feel like you are positive-minded, manful, wise, cleanly and kind. Would be great if you love kids. As every Ukrainian woman I look for a strong support and sincerity of feelings in man.

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No. 4198
Date of Birth(生年月日) 27.10.1981 (35歳)
Nationality(国籍) Ukraine (ウクライナ)
City(居住都市) Poltava (ポルタヴァ)
Marital status(婚姻暦) Divorced
Final Education(最終学歴) higher
Height(身長) 172cm
Weight(体重) 63kg
Hair Color(髪の色) Brown
Eyes Color(眼の色) Green
Foreign Languages(外国語:レベル)
Occupation(職業) secretary
Religion(宗教) Christian
Alcohol (飲酒) Social
Smoking(喫煙) No
Hobbies(趣味) I like cooking and baking,I like nature and animals. I like to travel to new places and experience new impressions and feelings. I like popular music and good comedies.
My Character(性格) Self-description : I would like to emphasize the main qualities and personal traits. And of course, you can get to know a lot more via personal correspondence here. I am very sociable and warm-hearted by nature. So you can find kindness and tenderness, love and joy in me. I do not hide feelings. I do actually what I say. So I hope that you value honesty and sincerity. You can court me with a pure intention to love deeply and get the same back. I value closeness and devotion in relationship.

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