No.4351 [日本 兵庫県]

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What man I would like to meet : I’m interested in a nice person who is interested in me. I think it's enough for good family. Readiness to live in Japan : I really want it! Time zone of possible communications : I have a part-time job with flexible schedule so it is difficult to tell the exact time. Do you have international passport? : Yes Supposed period for Marriage : May be in a month later we could have talk about the marriage. About child : Yes, maybe not only one Work in Japan : Yes. I want graduat university in Japan and work here Something you know about Japan (or Japanese culture) : I know not to much, but I hope I can know more and more I really like Japan and want live here until my age of 10. I like Japanese man and want married with Japanese.


A sincere, intelligent girl seriously thinking about her family life.

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No. 4351
Date of Birth(生年月日) 26.05.1997 (19歳)
Nationality(国籍) Ukraine (ウクライナ)
City(居住都市) Hyogo (兵庫県)
Marital status(婚姻暦) Single, Never been married
Final Education(最終学歴) At the present time I’m a student (Tourism Department, Ukraine, Kiev). Temporary I decided to take a year off for studying the Japanese language
Child(子供の有無) None
Height(身長) 156cm
Weight(体重) 48kg
Hair Color(髪の色) Light Brown
Eyes Color(眼の色) Green-Grey
Foreign Languages(外国語:レベル) English:Fluent, Japanese:Intermediate
Occupation(職業) A Japanese language school student
Religion(宗教) None
Alcohol (飲酒) Social
Smoking(喫煙) No
Sports(スポーツ) I like sport
My Character(性格) My Character : I like walking and talk. I like new people, new place.
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