No.4896 [ウクライナ ドニプロペトロウシク]

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Ideal match description : Look into my eyes and you will find a woman who is enthusiastic about life and who trusts easily. In fact, this extreme belief makes my heart vulnerable and defenseless… I am very optimistic, but I am not irrational. People perceive me as pleasant, friendly and very talkative J Just let me be what I am. I will brighten your life with my optimism, boost you with loyalty, trust you and shower my affection on you. I will encourage you to see dreams and help you in making them come true! I am looking for a compassionate and loving individual. I would like my future partner to share his thoughts with me. I want to hear his dreams and to share in his struggles. A man who is a good friend, as well as a good listener. I value faithfulness, and I would like my future beloved to be an "one woman man". When I feel loved, I give 10 times more than I get. So you will not want to look for something missing “on the side”.

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No. 4896
お名前 / Name ログイン後表示されます
国籍 / Nationality ウクライナ / Ukraine
居住都市 / City ドニプロペトロウシク / Dnepropetrovsk
生年月日 / Date of Birth 15.04.1979 (42歳)
身長 / Height 164cm
体重 / Weight 59kg
髪の色 / Hair Color
眼の色 / Eyes Color
最終学歴 / Final Education
職業 / Occupation Accountant
外国語:レベル / Foreign Languages
婚姻暦 / Marital status Divorced
子供の有無 / Children 1 Girl -(Born in 2010)
飲酒 / Alcohol
喫煙 / Smoking
宗教 / Religion
スポーツ / Sports
趣味 / Hobbies Cooking, knitting, meetings with friends, outdoors, ice-skating, fitness.


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