No.5311 [ウクライナ ザポリージャ]

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About Partner : A man with positive outlook on life, that's whom I looking for. What do I mean by this? I don't like when people look for spots on the sun every day, complain even on the smallest unease. We all have good and bad times and the best thing we can do is get up, smile and move on! Doing it together is so much better, hand in hand with your beloved one! I want to be a supportive and understanding wife for my loyal and strong husband! I would love to be friends with him, laugh and fool around together, work together on our day to day happiness.


About Myself : I'm a person who can be critical towards herself. I know that I'm not perfect at all, I'm not made of sugar and spice and everything nice :) I don't hide my minuses, but in the same time I don't want to start with bad things. If I would name three main features about myself that would be sense of humor, constant learning and positivity. Three things I appreciate in other people: honesty, frankness, curiosity. My life motto is “always go ahead!” Hobbies As I love my job, I love to help women underline their beauty, I like to study in this area in my free time. I visit different seminars, advanced trainings, read news in my area. I like to travel, I've been to many European countries, but dream to visit Spain. Sometimes I dance, also I write poetries and draw paintings when I have inspiration. And I have it quite often! I find it in every day of my life!



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No. 5311
お名前 / Name ログイン後表示されます
国籍 / Nationality ウクライナ / Ukraine
居住都市 / City ザポリージャ / Zaporizhia
生年月日 / Date of Birth 01.01.1982 (40歳)
身長 / Height 170cm
体重 / Weight 56kg
髪の色 / Hair Color Blond
眼の色 / Eyes Color Blue
最終学歴 / Final Education University
職業 / Occupation doctor
外国語:レベル / Foreign Languages
婚姻暦 / Marital status Single, Never been married
子供の有無 / Children None
飲酒 / Alcohol
喫煙 / Smoking
宗教 / Religion
スポーツ / Sports
趣味 / Hobbies


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