No.5507 [ウクライナ ハリコフ]

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What makes woman happy? Brilliants, gold, a house or car? No! They are all material things that you can loose in any moment. Only love will live in your heart forever! With love you will give care, attention, new inspirations,ideas in a daily life, you will acquire a mutual understanding with your partner! It's a lot, isn't it? I want my man to understand this. This man should be patient, generous, romantic, funny, good looking, his interests will be shared with me as all his life moments in general.


A very sincere in my dealings with other people lady. I inclination to honesty has earned me plenty of friends. In fact, my friends turn to me when they want an unbiased opinion. I am caring, affectionate, and loyal to those closest to me people. Indeed, I am willing to go far to protect their reputation. Very determined to achieve my objectives. I do not show any hesitation, as long as I know what I need to do. I have the resources necessary to pursue any activity to its logical end. In essence, this means that the lazy and slothful have no place in my inner circle. I like to keep them at arm’s length, lest they compromise my principles. FOOD : Sushi, Pasta, seafood Do you want children : yes

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No. 5507
お名前 / Name ログイン後表示されます
国籍 / Nationality ウクライナ / Ukraine
居住都市 / City ハリコフ / Kharkov
生年月日 / Date of Birth 21.08.1994 (25歳)
身長 / Height 158cm
体重 / Weight 53kg
髪の色 / Hair Color Brown
眼の色 / Eyes Color Brown
最終学歴 / Final Education master
職業 / Occupation financier
外国語:レベル / Foreign Languages English:Beginner
婚姻暦 / Marital status Single, Never been married
子供の有無 / Children None
飲酒 / Alcohol Social
喫煙 / Smoking Sometimes
宗教 / Religion
スポーツ / Sports
趣味 / Hobbies Sometimes do sport like fitness, read books, go on nature, like to travel


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